5 Halloween Items You Should Be Thrift Shopping for Now

Halloween Pumpkin wearing a Witch Hat

Halloween is meant to be a time for fun with family and friends. It is a night of fun and great energy where if you choose to, can be someone else. There is no need for the Halloween holiday to break your budget. Thrift Stores are always one of the best places to stock up for your needs.  On your next thrift store shopping trip here are 5 Halloween Items You Should Be Thrift Shopping for Now.

1. Halloween Costumes

Let’s get the most obvious reason out of the way first. Halloween costumes can range from the very cheap dollar store bargains to the very expensive department store outfit. So unless you are going for a luxury costume, hitting up a thrift store can save you some serious cash.

If you already have an idea what you want to dress as for Halloween make a list of everything you need to pull the costume off. Keep in mind that you may not find everything you need from one store. You will most likely need to hit up many stores in your area. Be sure to check often as thrift store stock changes daily.

Lastly be realistic. If you are going as a handsome swashbuckler or a ravishing pirate, odds are you will not find a realistic looking sword, a wooden peg leg, or a metal hook hand. What you will find is an assortment of unique looking clothing and accessories to create a costume that no one else will have even if there are other pirates.

Do you still need a costume idea?

Are your kids still undecided?

Go to the thrift store and start looking around.

You never know what you will find or what you will create. A 1970s disco vampire? A stylish early 1980s demon? How about a mid-1990s grunge zombie? At thrift stores, vintage clothes become a big hit for costumes. Most stores will move their vintage clothing to the front racks. The need to search and hunt through the racks for vintage items is necessary will free up the time to search for the right accessories to make your costume idea a reality.

2. Trick or Treat Bags, Baskets, & Buckets

Almost every thrift store I have seen tends to have an abundance of baskets and bags. Sometimes you will find simple buckets. With Halloween approaching, you may find actual Halloween trick or treat bags, baskets, and buckets. If you don’t, try taking a simple and plain bag, basket, or bucket.

With Halloween approaching, you may find actual Halloween trick or treat bags, baskets, and buckets. If you don’t, try taking a simple and plain bag, basket, or bucket. Usually, these items can be purchased for about a dollar. With a little creative crafting skill and a few more dollars from your local hobby store or online retailer, a custom designed and costume matching trick or treat bag, basket, or bucket can be easily made.

3. Lawn & Yard Decorations

Every year my front porch and yard receive a Halloween makeover. Over time I have collected all sorts of cool gadgets, decorations, and lighting.

Decorative Halloween Pumpkins
Decorative Halloween Pumpkins

Fake pumpkins, usually made of plastic or hard styrofoam, are one of the first things I look for. I do use real pumpkins in some of my displays, but the lightweight nature and cheap reusability of these items are too good to pass up. With real pumpkin prices seemingly going higher each year, your budget will be happy in years to come with these savings.

Sometimes outdoor animatronics or powered mechanical decorations are available at the thrift store. I myself once bought a dancing skeleton. If they are new in box, and the price is right, then you have a great deal. If it is a used item take times to thoroughly examine the device to make sure all the pieces are there. That each of the mechanical parts moves correctly. See if it is possible to test the item. If you can, listen for any sound issues such as a high pitch whine for failing electrical motors. In the end with all items use your judgment. If something seems like it is broken or won’t work, it probably won’t. There are reasons why some items are donated to thrift stores.

The last item to in outdoor decorations to look for are Halloween themed lighting. String lights. I have seen pumpkin, skull, and ghost themed string light kits for next to nothing prices. Most stores want to move these items as fast as possible so they price them accordingly.

4. Indoor Decorations

Halloween Decorations
Halloween Decorations and Props

As with outdoor Halloween decorations, indoor decorations can be found just as cheap and in plentiful numbers.

If you do not want real pumpkins for displays in your home, many of those outdoor ones previously mentioned work the same indoors as well.

Looking to create spooky figurine displays? Thrift stores offer an assortment of collections from different brands. Almost always one or two pieces of the higher end brand decorations can be found. Sometimes entire year collections can be found. I usually find these at thrift stores that receive donations from upper scale neighborhoods as the current year’s items are donated after the holiday which in turn are sold by that thrift store the following year.

Disposable decorations are sometimes available at thrift stores as well. Goodwill thrift stores tend to be one of the safer bets for these items. In past years I have seen fake cob webs, plastic vampire teeth, and other single use items for sale at Goodwill and a handful of other thrift stores.

5. Party Supplies

Halloween Halloween Jack O' Lantern Pumpkin Platter
Halloween Jack O’ Lantern Pumpkin Platter

Party supplies are something that you can never have enough of. With Halloween, lots of different colors can come into play besides just the standard orange and blacks.

A lot of excess unopened themed party supplies and wares make their way to thrift stores. Whether you are hosting a themed party or just a general Halloween party, getting a mix and match assortment of party supplies will help add character and a fun flair to your event. At the same time, you can take some of the party supply budget savings and apply it to your food, drink, and treat budget. Not only will your guests find the party supplies amusing, they will be thankful for the extra treats.

Besides one-time use party supplies, there are plenty of ceramic and glass Halloween themed items to be found too. Large ceramic Halloween plates that make for a great cookie or snack platter. Halloween bowls for candy and candle holders for table lighting are just a few other things to look for.

Halloween Savings

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. Each year I look forward to creating my costume. I almost always have help from thrift stores and I always enjoy the savings.

Let me know what Halloween items you like to search for or buy from thrift stores on Facebook or Twitter.