7 Things College Students Should Buy at Thrift Stores

It’s that time of year when college students are thinking about or getting ready for their first year or return to college life. Living on campus or off campus and staying within your budget can be challenging. I was lucky and live only a few miles from the university that I attended. Many of my college friends did not have my luxury. They had to pool resources together to furnish their apartments, flats, or dorms. Being a local I was able to show them some of the large and small thrift stores around the area that could help them with many of their needs for a fraction of what one would expect to pay. This made them happy, it made me happy to help, and it allowed for money to be available for other activities such as fun road trips.

No matter how big or small your budget maybe in college, every student can benefit from the savings found at thrift stores. Here is my list of 7 Things College Students Should Buy at Thrift Stores that will help save you some cash. Continue reading “7 Things College Students Should Buy at Thrift Stores”

Why Men Should Never Buy Ties New

I am lucky that for my line of work I rarely have to wear a suit and tie. When I do though I like to wear ties that compliment by blue eyes. I try to find ties with lighter shades of blue to make my eyes look brighter. During the winter season or overcast days, I will wear darker blue ties. Sometimes I will try to match a tie to my dirty strawberry blonde hair. In that case, I will aim for orange, light blues, or light reds with slight contrasts in color with respect to my suit and shirt. When I do find the need for a new tie, I never buy a tie from retail. Continue reading “Why Men Should Never Buy Ties New”

Taylor & Ng Not Just A Mug Company

I recently came across a small collection of vintage Taylor & Ng coffee mugs. The mugs are from the late 1970s to early 1980s. Like all things I come across I did a quick search to find more information about who or what is Taylor & Ng. For those that know me, I always get excited when I learn about a local, close by,¬†company here in California where I live. Continue reading “Taylor & Ng Not Just A Mug Company”

Finding Back to School Savings at Thrift Stores

Back to school season is in full swing as the major retailers are rolling out their great back to school deals. In 2017 the National Retail Federation expects both K-12 and college back to school spending to reach $83.6 billion.¬†However, not all items should be purchased at retail stores. Even after the discounts and sales, whether shopping for a single child or several children, back to school demands can put a serious strain on any household budget. Below are a few items that you should shop for at your local thrift stores now to save some cash as the back to school shopping season begins. Continue reading “Finding Back to School Savings at Thrift Stores”