Hi and welcome! My name is Nick Duncan. I have been a thrifter since I could walk when my mother took me to a thrift store. Growing up in the central valley of Northern California my mother taught me the value of and how to stretch a dollar.

One of my earliest thrifting memories comes from when my mother and I found a Minnesota Vikings purple jersey. I swear I must have worn that jersey for two years straight. While in college studying computer science, engineering, and physics, I would use thrift stores to save money and as a resource for items that I needed.

In my adventures, I have worked and volunteered for nonprofits where I have organized donation drives for goods to used in parking lot sized yard sales all and helping establish a thrift store as well. Years of experience in thrifting has given me a lot of knowledge about items both common and unique that may be found at any given thrift shop. Additionally, I have learned many do’s and don’ts in thrift store operations and management. This blog and site were born out of all that knowledge I wish to share with the everyday thrifters and thrift stores.